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         The artwork of California-born photographer Jason DeBose is the product of more than 20 years of an unquenchable appetite for the beauty of his surroundings on a nearly daily basis. His prints present the viewer with a peek into sharp compositions found in the 40 countries in which he has lived, worked and traveled since 2001. He is currently based in Helsinki, Finland.

        Following high school in his native Pasadena, California, DeBose enrolled at Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut, during which his studies in both film and sociology shaped his dynamic for watching the public with a documentary eye. Moving to Stockholm, Sweden for a semester abroad sharpened his visual style as an American abroad for the first time discovering architecture, public spaces and social environments that bore little resemblance to his American life as he visited 14 European countries in four months.


        Since the acquisition of his first digital SLR camera in 2005, DeBose has been shooting as many as 80,000 photographs a year of the locales in which he lives, travels and exhibits his artwork. Following his first exhibition in Los Angeles in 2007, he proceeded to win invitations for his work from more than 40 hotels, restaurants, galleries and museums in seven countries and six U.S. states.

       His work can best be distinguished for its sharp compositions, bold colors and deliberately reduced resolution, which has often been mistaken in exhibition spaces for paintings. This style has been the impetus of arts grants awarded to DeBose for several projects since 2009, including They Left 150 Years Ago, a documentary-style exploration of Finnish heritage in North America. Since 2016, his work has been represented by Art Nou Millenni Gallery in Barcelona.

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