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A Tactic of Negotiation

A brief dialogue with a customer service representative in the busiest airport in the Iberian Peninsula

Originally published on Tumblr, September 2016


Airline passenger: Is there something going on with all of the little pieces of paper on the ground?

Airline check-in desk representative: Yes, the cleaning staff of the airport is on strike.

AP: Oh wow, how long have they been on strike?

ACDR: Since Monday.

AP: Hmmmmmm…all of this trash has accumulated just since Monday?

ACDR: Well, no.

AP: You mean the cleaning staff had some hundreds of bags of trash stored in a closet somewhere and decided to break them out and distribute their contents throughout the terminal to make a statement when the strike began?

ACDR: [ Nods in the affirmative ]

AP: I think I like their leader.

( El Prat de Llobregat, Spain )

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