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From the Nexus of the Land of the Faithful

Firstly, a big thumbs up for anyone who has landed here to read this from

Instagram - especially those who have scrolled there all the way to the bottom

of some of my lengthier posts. Thank you for your attention to my work, it's great

motivation for every new step of sharing these nearly two decades of digital photography work with the world.

By contrast to the above, it's a rainy day here beside the Mediterranean coast of Tel Aviv and in this way, it is a perfect break from my ordinary approach to the afternoons of the last month, which I've mostly spent hitting the streets and taking several hundred photographs while popping in and out of the quietest cafes and libraries that I can find to take care of my freelance business, which includes working on projects several translation companies, exchanging messages and calls with the venues where my photos will next be shown and prepping and selecting photos for the latest posts for Instagram, Facebook and of course this website.

It has hit me on several levels that a blog will be a worthwhile addition here, for several

reasons, most notably:

1) It allows me to stretch my legs and get into real detail in my writing where necessary without paying the character limits of social media channels any mind.

2) I realized during this latest month of travels that the countries of the Middle East are extremely cautious about their relationships with their neighbors and some will actually put the names of visitors into Google searches to learn more about whether they've taken sides with their adversaries - and deny them entry into the country if they suspect a traveler has an unfavorable allegiance with one of their neighbors. A public social media account is the most easily accessible source they'll dig into for such a background check, and my caution surrounding this has actually affected what from my travels I've felt ready to post to Instagram lately. This blog will by no means be hidden from anyone's view, but will be much less likely to stand out as my crossing of international borders proceeds.

3) I'd like to provide a forum where those of you who value the insights I share with my artwork can read them separately from those who are only interested in the visual side of

what I post, i.e., strictly the photographs themselves.

4) By way of a blog and an e-mailing list, it will be much more simple to alert the most interested readers/collectors of the latest developments concerning my work, and share the details of my current promotional offers and projects that may interest them.

With that said, I intend to give this blog a bit of content volume upfront for newcomers to explore in the form of posts from recent months that either got particularly lively responses or that tell the story and approach to my work the most effectively. From there, I'll move on to entries covering my latest travels, exhibition and marketing endeavors.

Once again, thank you for reading all the way here - all of the experience of connection with you via this very medium has been an even more brilliant experience than I could have ever known.

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