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The Kinetic Impact of Revolution

A city reaches its breaking point and goes after a symbolic, decades-old statue

Originally published on Tumblr, December 2016

The bottom of a small staircase at the former site of a statue of Vladimir Lenin, one of approximately 4,200 that have been dismantled here above the Black Sea since the fall of the Soviet Union.

This one stood here for more than two decades thereafter until the country’s most recent revolution in February 2014, during which locals commissioned the driver of a semi-truck otherwise used for transporting the region’s mail to let them harness the statue by the neck to the truck and have him use the truck’s power to bring it off of its pedestal.

The damage to the staircase took place during its removal. The pedestal is now home to a memorial featuring names and photographs of locally born soldiers who perished during the revolution. - the moment, as captured on video in 2014

( Zhytomyr, Ukraine )

( December 2016 )

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